Day 21: Head First…

My wife has been coming at me a bit harder than usual about getting rid of things I don’t need (or she just doesn’t want), in the house. One of those things was a random 21” computer monitor that just took up room.

I remember the day my brother gave it to me – I was super excited to use it for my home computer’s 4th screen… only problem – the computer couldn’t take in a 4th screen… so the monitor found a new home in our dining room, unplugged and all alone.

I’ve been wanting to add the monitor to the classroom for sometime now, but couldn’t figure out how it could be used to benefit the most important citizens in the land of 113′ – the students.

Yesterday, with the help of a few others, it finally came to me – small group work stations and using our district mandated curriculum, pull small groups to work with the videos together.

I’m happy to say, it was a big hit for the kids (so far) and I’m happy they could find use out of it in an impacting way!

Day 20: Maxwell and the Fence

We have 2 dogs, both brothers from the same litter, Maxwell and Lenny.

Coming into their 9th birthday, the dogs are Shitzu-Maltize-Yorkies. Lenny is the sneaky leader of the 2 who pushes poor ideas into the thoughts of Maxwell. Maxwell on the other hand, well I guess you could call him the one who’s a few cards short of a full deck.

Each day, no matter the weather, the dogs will race to the door without a welcoming hug, followed by a potty break by the back fence.

They will wait for the neighbor dogs to come outside and then – ALL H-E-Double Hockey stick will break loose.

Maxwell will jump about 4x his height, only to get him 2 feet off the ground, and Lenny will just sit their and bark.

This past summer, the vet was able to patch and fix the 3rd incident where Maxwell lost a nail/broke his nail trying to climb the fence. The scary part isn’t that he’s doing this all to himself, but the fact that Max doesn’t care about the size of the pincher behind the other side.

Here’s to another fantastic and great summer of dog barking, face-licks and random visits to the vet!

Day 19: Who’s Counting?

I’m at the time of year where I see 8 different countdowns occurring at once. Part of me is excited about the Break coming up! (3 days), and the other part of me is panicking about the “BIG” test approaching (8 School days)… and then we have to look at the bigger picture with Summer break (ok I’ll be honest, no clue how many days).

I’ve never been a countdown kinda guy, nor will I ever be. I’m a firm believer with not counting the days, but making every day count.

I’ll always find ways to push myself and leave the tank empty at the end.

Good luck to everyone as we round 3rd into Spring break!

Day 18: Gibbs and the Pulverizer

Years ago, my wife and I agreed to cut the chord on cable. She was sketchy about it at first (missing all of her weird reality TV shows about a bunch of girls trying to fall in love with a guy… or those big time karaoke shows where someone wins a record deal…). I on the other hand, only find TV useful for sports.

With my inconsistent schedule to be home, we both agreed originally to a Netflix subscription for her, while I was piled high in my teaching and learning texts and online classes.

When we would visit my parents, my dad would have either a football game on, James Bond, or his late favorite – NCIS. I would always catch a show with him, but never got into it – until about 3 months ago.

The show is simple and entertaining. But what I love the most is how the main character – Jethro Gibbs, reminds me as a military version of my ole’ man.

Gibbs sees life as simple, doesn’t need the high flashy things, good with his hands, and always there to bring someone to justice – while teaching his team a lesson.

Watching my dad in my 30+ years of life, I have to admit I’m pretty lucky for all the lessons he has brought to me and taught me through the rough road I call life. Sometimes, it would be a simple polish proverb… or maybe a Pat Morita quote from Karate Kid about patience.

The most important part of everything – my dad made sure I would learn my own lessons and he was able to sit back (I bet sometimes it was hard) and watch me fail… and pick myself back up.

So I guess, this is why I have a fond fortune with the show – but I’m quite ok with it 🙂


Day 17: Drawing a big blank today when it comes to what to write about!

Today is St. Patty’s Day and truthfully it has never been my cup of tea…

1 – I don’t drink… I was one of those casual drinkers in college, but very rarely found myself tempted to stop in a liquor store for a purchase. I’ve always thought I’m goofy enough as it is – the drinking wouldn’t help the cause…

2 – Loud noises… Through high school and college – I found myself at dance clubs 2-3x per week. The kinda places where you would enter the building, feeling the bass penetrate on the exterior walls and rattle the glass of the windows. By the time I was in my early 20’s… I honestly couldn’t last 20 minutes without walking outside to get a way from the heart-palpitating noise… So when people invite us to a bar for St. Patty’s Day – it doesn’t usually turn out well!

I do however, love to look at the photos and see all the people come together to dress up and have a good time – I will never be a debby-downer, and will always support the collaborative effort to enjoy an event

Be safe out there people!

Day 16: I Got the Outside, She Does the Inside…

When my wife first moved into my home, we had to make some rules in order to… well for me to stay alive, kinda! She was always looking to do everything she was never able to do growing up and/or living in her apartment…

So the Spring time came and it was time to mow the lawn… I told her I would never let my dad see me allow a woman to push a lawn mower, so that was off limits – and well, since my wife tends to be a bit clumsy – I didn’t think having her hold a weed-whacker so close to her feet was a good idea either. So I agreed to let her pull the weeds – and it was just like watching a toddler wanting to help like a grown up for the first time!

She gets all done up for the big day – she’s the type of woman that has an outfit for everything – and when she doesn’t have an outfit for a special occasion, well that’s where the credit card comes in!

She walks outside about 20 minutes after I started the lawn – yoga pants, mid-cut (I have no clue what they are really called) hoodie, hair in a pony tail, and her “dirty” gym shoes – which still looked cleaner than my funeral dress shoes… She is excited to show me her pink accessories she bought (head band matching gardening gloves … which costs $9 on Amazon in case you were interested… or by the 25 pack for $5).

I cut the lawn mower to a stop and walk her over to the rock garden I made (the previous summer). I purposely covered it with mulch and told her “Any green, rip it out” So she bends over and starts the pulling – I explain to her that she shouldn’t bend that way or her back would be torn apart – but what did I know! She blemished me back to my duties and she went on with hers.

After about 4 minutes, she came to me in the backyard and explained she was done and was going to get something to eat… She saw the confusion in my face so I walked up to the front and she just had about 3 feet done of the 45 foot spread. I told her all the green had to be pulled and she responded, “ya, this isn’t fun and you can do it better”…

From that day forward we made a pact – she would run the duties inside the house and I would take care of the outside! Unless of course she is days to weeks behind laundry – then, it’s, “Get off your $*^ and do it yourself!”

SO … I guess the jobs are the same as they were from that day – accept laundry… I dare not to ask about it any more 🙂

Day 15: What a Not-So-Good Day

I was walking out of a Parent-Teacher conference today when I heard the news in New Zealand – moments after, I received a few notifications on my watch/phone explaining what had happened…

It makes it an unfathomable type of situation where all you can do is think non-stop – this was a place of worship for people to go!

I’m not a religious person in most mindsets – but still – This is just hits you right in the feels!

My mom called me on my way home and she said something, that I’m sure most feel in today’s world, “it’s scary… I’m scared… what the #*$( is wrong with people?” The only response I had in me was “we can’t live scared – if you are living your life in fear, well – it isn’t worth living.”

It’s just another unjust cause that we take in every moment. We need to keep pushing the good in our kiddos in schools, at home, and the good in others around us! From what started as a day to start the end of the week, ended up being a day most of us will never forget.