Day 31: It Has Been Fun!

When I was introduced to the Slice of Life from one of my colleagues, I didn’t really know what to expect. I saw her district-wide post about it, and I quickly ran into her room asking her what it was all about…

“It’s actually a lot of fun…”

…”But in no way am I a writer?” (as you all could see)

“You have nothing to worry about, you just write how your day is going and … it’s that easy!”

The start of the program was probably the biggest hurdle I went over during the whole program. I had to find out how to start a blog 🙂 – after about an hour of figuring things out – it just clicked!

As for the daily writing – I have to admit, I’m a man of small words when it comes to putting them on paper (or computer). I’m one to jump up and talk to someone face-to-face… I guess it is part of my sarcasm that I’ve learned through out the years – isn’t easy to read by many over typed words.

This monthly challenge was nothing but a challenge – it was actually a lot of fun! I was able to share anything on my mind with people that I can connect with in the work place. No, I won’t be continuing a blog of my own, but I have agreed with myself to continue writing on my own.

I’ve kept a gym log since 2016 and it is something that just worked with me – so I’m going to continue my writing in the same sense. In a small diary of my own where I’m my own audience…

Thank you all for the comments and replies!

Good luck to all of you and your journeys…

Day 30: Do You Remember Your 30th?

My 30th birthday was definitely a day to remember – and I have to applaud my mom for being the backbone behind it all.

At the time, I had just finished remodeling my kitchen in my old house, I was single – and about 75% done with my masters degree for teaching. With all that fun stuff, I was actually transformed from 250 lbs to 185 lbs.

Everything that was a part of me, my house, my job, my actual self-image… everything was on the right track.

Just like my dad, I wasn’t one for birthdays of my own. I had a father (and mother) who didn’t take vacation days for their own daily celebrations. When I was younger, it was a rude wake up around 5:00am and my parents and brother would sing happy birthday to me. I was able to open my “big gift” and then go on my way to school (where Mom would bring in treats)… we would usually have a “friends” party and then the “family”party.

High School came and the wake ups stopped, but the calls would come flowing in around 7 in the morning, usually from all of my 14 cousins as we were all getting ready for the day. The family parties turned into a dinner at a pizza place or something, more my style…

So this year, my birthday would fall on a Saturday. My mom had the entire thing planned out right in front of me and it was the first time, I never picked up on the secret before it was really too late.

The plan of the day – Golfing at 7:00am with our 4-some of friends, and then I had to umpire 3 men’s league softball games that evening.

I had to turn my phone off at golf, as the texts and calls were not only interrupting my already-dreadful golf game, but my battery was dying quickly. We got done around 11:30 and headed back to the house. When I got into my car, I began charging my phone only to see my games were cancelled for the evening. Excited as ever, I asked my buddies if they wanted to go out to eat and they were all dumb-founded by my question. My buddy Mike would push me to going home first “lets go to your house first, I think I left my wallet” <– Well played from a guy who isn’t too quick on his feet…

So we took our 3-car caravan back to my house, I walked in and boom – I was hit with family and friends all along my 30 years of life. My mom had the whole thing planned out – even getting my softball scheduler involved to schedule me games for the evening, so I wouldn’t make other plans.

The day was perfect – hanging out with college roommates, teachers from the past – and my mom was even nice enough to invite 4 of my ex girlfriends (I don’t know what she was thinking there – but it sure was funny).

This would go in the books as one of my most memorable days of my life. Almost 100 people, giving up a full Saturday out of their schedule to celebrate me 🙂 – 4 years later, I would see it all over again, this time it was over 300 people celebrating the marriage of my wife and I.

Day 29: I Thought It Was a Good Idea…

This morning, Beth and I went into downtown Oswego – which is your typical, old-school-style, 3 streets with a diner, a few pubs, and the good ole’ fashion, charge way too much for something stores.

After breakfast, we voyaged over to the pet place where the lady was so happy to sign my wife up for every single thing she could have, and well – hook, line, and sinker… my wife was all over it.

$45 later, I told her I wanted to check out this shop that was called A Lady and Her Tools. I don’t know what I was thinking, as the writing was literally on the wall – but we went in and boy did I get Bamboozled!

My wife had the weight come off of her shoulders and released her frustration with the unfinished projects I had going on in the house – “What would you recommend for this…” “He’s been doing this for over a year now, can I just drop it off and have you finish it…” <- That one was below the belt. We ended up walking out 20 minutes later, another $30 spent – and my wife who was excited to sign up for a taco night later in April.

The project consists of me spending about 900% more on material than if I were to buy it myself, hanging out with other couples – seriously, I’m not a “other couples kinda guy” and building a small overpriced project with my wife.

SO I did what any Dan would do – I took a few breaths and thought to myself – “What would the Pulverizer do?” … and it just hit me!

I agreed to doing the project. My wife is picking something out that will fit in our backroom. I will simply indulge myself with tacos and rootbeer – and give her the reigns on the project.

If it is anything like her wine and dine nights out with the girls, I will be able to step in and finish the job, but I look forward to her doing something with her hands – something she could be proud of. I have already planned how I will buy the extra supports and supplies to make sure it doesn’t fall apart that quickly.

I actually got a few ideas from the owner about paint and stain for my “never-ending projects” and who knows, maybe I made a friend out of all of this…

Day 28: Lights Out!!!

About 8:15 last night, just seconds after my wife got done making herself a premade “health” meal which she orders (that is for another post) – the power went out for about 3 seconds.

As the power came to, the internet was trying to catch back up with 1 7 gadgets it connects to in the house – then, BOOM! The noise sounded like a shotgun firing from down the street – oddly enough, it was a transformer exploding miles away… Then we went to darkness 🙂

My wife continuously commented how weird it was for me being so excited, but I guess – that’s just me!

We voyaged through the god-for-saken junk drawer and pulled out the random stocking stuffers given from her parents. Her dad gives us each a flashlight every year – him and I still continue the argument about cell phones and flashlights, etc.

So here we were, us and the dogs – who knew nothing different. Neither of us are big readers, well big “book” readers at home. We decided to just sit there and “chit-chat” – we’ve already moved passed the “how was work” talk, and with me being on Spring break, it was quite a one-sided conversation…

Getting bored of each other quickly, we jumped in the car just for a stroll… it was awesome! The entire strip on Ogden, where we live, was out … The only thing that had light was the numerous cars taking a 9:00 stroll just as we did.

By 10:30 – the power bumped on and we continued without the TV – just talking and what not…

I could do more of these “no power” nights with her 🙂

Day 27: The Escape of Beavis and Butthead

The 2 rodents I have for dogs have been taking advantage of our low cut yard for the past week or so. Without any grass growing just yet, the dogs have been figuring out they could simply squeeze their little bodies underneath the fence in the backyard.

Maxwell (Butthead) is the ring-leader of the stupid ideas, so we’ve been catching him in all the action. One day last year, he actually was planning his escaped and got his head stuck underneath the gate (comical for a moment, but clearly he was that 4-year old boy who thought sticking his head through a railing would be a good idea). With the look of terror in his eyes, I was certain he would not push anymore and yea, well, that didn’t happen.

We’ve caught the both of them getting out 3-4 different times, all of which they hang out right next to the house. Reminds me the time when I wanted to runaway when I was younger. I packed my stuff and ran – but could only get to the end of the street before I would walk back and then go the other way down the block. I thought it was running away, but some would say I looked like the human pendulum of stupidity 🙂

Today the plans are going to Home Depot and buy planks of PVC (expensive white boards that are made of plastic, but look like wood). The planks will be put around the yard where we see fit – and won’t look like a bandaid on top of our $6,000 fence.

Day 26: Date Ni… Day!

It’s not common Beth and I are able to hang out … but day dates are nearly impossible!

Today, her and I are spending the day just relaxing after a not-so-productive time at the gym… Neither of us were really “motivated” today, but that didn’t stop us from getting to it.

Lately, our goal has been 30 minutes – 1 hour of cardio spread out between a body exercise (10 minutes bike, bicep curls, 10 minutes treadmill, dips, etc…)

We got about 45 minutes into our voyage today and she gave me “the look” – but today, it wasn’t her that wanted to end early – she could see I just wasn’t feeling it.

We voyaged home to admire the partially completed floor that we installed yesterday, and now – just eating lunch with Leroy Jethro Gibbs on the TV.

As “unmotivated” as we are today, I wouldn’t give up the time we spend together for anything…

Day 25: Bored already…

As much as I love to be on breaks… I have a weird sense of urgency that I’m forgetting to do something…

Last night, I went to ref a hockey game… get my gear on… start talking to the rink manager, only to find out – the game is next week 🙂 – Whoops!

Thank God for the calendar apps and ways of which help me stay up to date and keep my mind at ease (most of the time).

I hope everyone is enjoying their first day of Spring break… Today, we finally got the first 6 feet of floor in – hoping for my buddy to come back on Thursday to finish the job.

All-in-all, it is a good day so far – here’s to more productivity!

Day 24: Sometimes You’re the Hammer…

Yesterday was a day I had been looking forward to for over a month… My tile floor was going in with the help of my buddy… his ETA was pushed back from 9am – 10:45am when he got a service call – he gets paid for those, he gets pizza from me… So completely understandable…

My buddy is one who is just an all out, great guy… a traditional, faithful, Italian style kind-a-dude who is there to help everyone when he can. He’s always the “happy guy” whenever we go out and always expressing how happy life is… the kind of person you want to be around…

So, he gets over, we’re making a game plan – and then he hits me with some incredible news… his wife is having an affair! He found out a few weeks back and was waiting to tell me in person (I still don’t get why people wait for the face-to-face thing, but yea … moving on).

Our background from the time we met was on the ice – playing what some would call one of the most viscous, physical sports in the world. If you have ever met a hockey player, they might seem nice and what-not – but turn into a fly on the wall in a men’s league locker room, and … well all bets are off… We’re “Tough Guys” – oh so I thought…

After explaining the details to me, he eventually just broke down – WHAT DO I DO?! I’m not a hugger… So I sat and listened, that’s all I could do – we moved from the unfinished porch to the living room and just talked on the couch… 1 hour turned into 3… and then we went out for lunch.

He left without an ounce of work being done, and well – I’m quite ok with that… Sometimes you have to forget of what you feel is a priority and adjust to what really matters…

Day 23: I Get It… Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day!

When my wife and I settled in our house 2 summers ago, we based it off of a few factors:

  • Ability to put work in to it… (ok that one was all me)
  • Spacious Garage… (yep, mine too)
  • Further West … (this one was all her)

So we settled in a little town called Boulder Hill (unincorporated land inside Oswego, with a mailing address of Montgomery – located in an identified “Oswego Township”) <- This is why when people ask where I live from out of state, I just tell them an hour west of Chicago!

Before leaving my first house (duplex), I was able to bring down the kitchen to studs and rehab it with the ideas in my head, and the help of selfless friends who were paid with beer and pizza – seriously, we ate nearly 40 pizzas in the project!

When purchasing the house, I knew my work was cut out for me… I was told the previous owner was a widow in her 90’s and her husband (Tom) passed 10 years prior. All the neighbors would say was, “Tom did things his way” – Just walking through the final inspection, what they meant was – “Tom was a few cards short of a few deck with his ideas and terrible ‘weekend warrior’ projects.

My work was cut out for me, and with a new job in a district 45 minutes away, I had to prioritize my time with work, in hopes of the Summers and breaks to get the move on.

I’m currently in the middle of a year-long project of remodeling the back room (den, morning room, back room, whatever you want to call it) – and I must say, I’m ready to move on to another project, as this one has been stalled far too long…

Talking to my dad (the Pulverizer) he continued his prophecy of “Rome wasn’t built in a day” – well Dad, I found out – Rome was actually built in 1,009,491 days… for you mathematicians, that’s over 2,700 years 🙂

So if anyone needs me, I can’t come out to play right now – but should be ready to play around the year 4,800 if luck is on my side 🙂

Day 22: Should Procrastination Just go on the List?

As most of you on here – I’m going on my 2nd hour of SpringBreak!!!

So far, tonight my list of things to do is as follows:

  • Put the deposit down on my Season Tickets for the Hawks
  • Get my Slice of Life done
  • Ride my Bike to the car dealership, pick up my car
  • Head to the gym
  • Make dinner

So far, I’ve… watched about 42 facebook videos and scrolled through endless Snapchat stories….

I’m finally knocking down the list, but daylight is shrinking and so is my time to get everything done.

I don’t look at my self as the procrastinating type, but man-o-man is it easy to do! I’m hoping that this post picks me up and I can make the most out of the break in a productive way.

Hope all of you have a safe and fun break!